use @mailsucker.net,
instead of your real email

Use Any Inbox

Anytime a website asks for an email address enter a Mailsucker address.

Prevent Spam

Use Mailsucker when you don't want to get spammed at your real email address. Suck the spam with Mailsucker!

Email Auto-Deletes

Mailsucker disposable email are temporary. All emails auto-deletes a few hours after the email is read. Unread emails deleted after 3 days.

Get all email data

Get HTML, text and the e-mail header.


Receive email attachments up to 5 MB.


Send your test emails here. Need API access? Contact us!

How temporary email works?

When you go to the inbox in Mailsucker, we give you a temporary disposable email address, use this temporary disposable email when registering to untrusted web sites. This way the site will send spam to your temporary disposable email address, while your real address stays safe.

Why temporary, disposable email?

Today spam communications are among the largest problem of the planet, in reality relating to numerous researches 12.4 billion spam emails are provided every day. Because of the continuous finding of spam a common person consider 40% emails as spam. Every person gets 2200 spam emails annually on an average. The worst easy the fact is that 16% persons concerning the world are forced to alter their email and about 60% time get lost in examining or eliminating these emails while checking your inbox. This can be an easy treatment for being protected from spam messages that burden your head with a lot of emails.

The spam e-mails in many cases are used subsequent subscription on various internet website, which tries to find your email for affirmation purpose which benefits in spam emails. But, today a instances there is an excellent way in order to avoid these spam emails despite membership along side temporary email. The most effective one is short-term disposable e-mail services, so start today and use Mailsucker.net.

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